What trap!?

Session 1

What Trap!?

The adventurers have accepted a mission offered by the castellan of keep Lyrcrest. Sent to stir up trouble at an enemy infested cave complex close by, the party met on the road some distance from the caves to introduce themselves and display the assignment papers. Their first plan: Genocide!

They not only infiltrated but completely wiped out the Kobold inhabitants of the first cave. It wasn’t easy however as a few times the shield Kobolds brought down a party member or two. The trap loving inhabitants won the first challenge of the battle when the party trudged right into the cave entrance to have the leader step directly into a ten foot deep pit. From then on the rogue took point in searching ahead.

The wizard was extremely effective with his use of frost and thunderous magic! Kobolds were flying every which way. The battle priest took the brunt of the damage from the pint sized attackers but was able to dish out his electrical brand of righteous vengeance and crush the opposition. And lastly the rogue turned out to be quite deadly with both dual blades as well as an excellent archer. She shined in the most dire of situations even if there is a way to go before she gets that find traps thing going right..

-Mick (The DM)


Very nice :) And uhhh .. there was a trap?

What trap!?

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